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Staff Forging Mechanics.[]

Most staffs can be combined with other staffs in a Forge to increase their level and refill their charges. Even "negative" staffs can be used to recharge and empower better staffs so don't discard Summoning Staff or Surprises Staff staffs.

There are the general rules:

  • The most powerful staff usually absorb the charges and enchantment power of a lower level staff.
  • If both staffs are equal in power, the first staff you place in the forge will absorb the second staff you place.
  • You can't make a level 1 absorb a level 2 or higher staff.
  • Steal Life Staff is an exception to this rule as it always absorbs other staff even if the other staff is of a higher level. Because of this, you can't use a steal life staff to make another staff more powerful. (Needs some verification, but I'm 90% this is true)
  • Surprises staff can't absorb other staffs, but it can be absorbed by others.

Fire, gas, blink staffs (usually any staff that can't gain +1 from enchanting) they can only be "feed" to other staffs and count as +1. Myst is an exception, it can't be feed to any other staffs. Examples of forging staffs: if you have a level 3 fireball staff and a level 3 summoning staff and combine them in that order. You will get in return a level 5 fireball staff and a level 1 summoning staff. And any charges in the summoning staff will refill the fireball staff charges.

Or if you have a +5 staff with used charges, you can use it to lower another staff enchant level. This can be useful in some cases. Say you have a +5 Summoning staff, a +3 Fireball staff and a +4 Magic missiles. In this case, you would want to feed the Magic Missile to the Fireball Staff. But to do that you need the magic missile enchant level to be lower so, use the +5 summon staff once, then place it in a forge, then place the +4 magic missile and forge, now you end with a +5 summoning staff fully charged and a +3 Magic missile. Now you can make a +5 fireball staff. And every time it loses his charges, you can use the +5 summing staff to recharge it again to full.

•Enchantment Scrolls can also be used to recharge and increase in power a Staff.

Staff of Magic Missile[]

  • The most basic of staves, but with a lot of potential.
  • Shoots out a single magic missile dealing 5 damage.
  • Higher levels increase the damage and reduce the amount of charge consumed.
  • The best use for this is larger groups of enemies where you can hit multiple enemies with 1 missile.
  • You can also shoot it in Myst to multiply the missiles, damage anything walking around in the gas and also clearing the Myst to make the room safer from turrets.
  • Can be combined at the Forge with Magic Sigils to create other staffs.

Staff of Triple Magic Missile[]

  • Similar to Magic Missile Staff but it shoots 3 missiles per shot in a spread.
  • Can be reforged with Magic Sigils to create other staffs.

Staff of Stunning[]

  • This staff is best used on strong targets or larger groups, stunning means you can walk right through the enemy without any risk until they get unstunned of course and you can also get some cheap hits in.
  • Note that most undead enemies can't be stunned this way and stone elemental are immune to stunning.
  • Higher level means wider area of effect for stuns and longer stunt debuff.
  • You can create this staff at a Forge by combining a Staff of Magic Missile + Earth Rune.

Staff of Fire[]

  • The best use for this one is to prematurely ignite some gas or just light a whole group of enemies on fire at once.
  • You can also light some vegetation on fire which will spread by itself. Be careful to not stand on vegetation when you use it or you will set yourself on fire.
  • Stopping firing the staff drains a bunch of power so quickly firing the staff in small bursts will drain it very quickly.
  • This also applies to all other channeling staves like Poison, Myst and Cold.
  • Also note that no channeling staves can be upgraded.
  • Can be used to light up wall torches, braziers. Or bombs, torches and gun powder laying on the floor.
  • This staff or the shovel can destroy snow piles.

Staff of Poison[]

  • Emits a cloud of Poison Gas.
  • Poison Gas is flammable.
  • You can fill a room with poison and then close the door, the poison won't decay and anything in the room slowly takes damage until you open that door.
  • The poison can also be ignited for extra damage.
  • Note that undead enemies are immune to poison damage (as well as others creatures like poison rats).
  • If you are next to a closed or locked door, you can shoot the gas "under" the door to fill the room without opening the door. Useful so enemies aren't alerted by the noise made by opening a non-oiled door.
  • Windy levels will blow away gas, making it harder to use.

Staff of Lightning[]

  • This one demolishes a line of enemies because it pierces.
  • It also stuns often and goes through shields so its great for bosses.
  • The projectile splits into many in Myst so its a great tool to wipe anything that may be wandering around in the gas.
  • Upgrading the staff will increase its damage and charges.
  • You can create this staff at a Forge by combining a Staff of Magic Missile + Magic Rune.
  • The bolt can some times bounce from walls.

Staff of Myst[]

  • Emits a stream of Myst gas.
  • This one is tough to use since you need some help from other sources to deal any damage with this staff and any resulting projectiles splitting nearby may hit you.
  • This staff goes well with a high level magic missile staff or lightning staff.
  • Like other gas staffs, you can fill rooms by shooting under closed doors by standing VERY close to the door without opening it.
  • Ring of Light creates an light orb in-front of you. You can phase this orb through a door or a wall into a Myst filled room to create a magical explosion inside the room.
  • Windy levels will blow away gas, making it harder to use.

Staff of Gas[]

  • Shoots a flammable gas.
  • Throw a lighted torch near an enemy and then gas them. Or if there is lava or a wall torch near by the gas, it will ignite.
  • Like other gas staffs, you can fill rooms by shooting under closed doors by standing VERY close to the door without opening it.
  • Windy levels will blow away gas, makig it harder to use.

Staff of Howling Wind[]

  • Found as part of a quest (only way to keep exploring is to find this staff to open doors that can only be opened with wind)
  • Useful to spread fire on burning vegetation or blow away gases.
  • Similar to throwing water potions at walls torches or braziers, it can be used to blow out the fire, making it easier to sneak around walls with a cape.
  • Can blow away small enemies, very useful if you blow them into lava or a chasm.
  • Can keep bloats at bay.
  • May blow away projectiles away from you, like bottles or arrows (need verification)

Staff of Marine Missile[]

  • Made at the Forge by combined a magic missile staff and a Water Rune.
  • Does extra damage versus Fire or Unholy enemies.
  • Can be used under water, though it does not recharge by being in water like other enchanted water items.

Staff of Summoning[]

  • Magically creates one or more unfriendly creatures nearby. The type of creature seems to be dependent on what floor is used and what enemies can be found in the floor.
  • It can summon: Poison Rats, Bats, Cursed Daggers, Skeletons, Imps, etc.
  • Generally a bad thing to discover accidentally. Specially at deeper levels as the summon are stronger enemies.
  • Can be used to spawn skeletons and steal their equipment.
  • Upgrading means more enemies summoned per charge.
  • Useful to summon weak creatures to kill to identify weapons or to get 25 kill on a weapon to sacrifice it for Grievous.

Staff of Icicles[]

  • Made at the Forge by combined a magic missile staff and a Ice Rune.
  • Does double damage against Fire creatures but half damage against Ice creatures.
  • More enchant levels increase the number of projectiles, damage and charges.
  • Can't freeze lava or water.

Staff of Blinking[]

  • Teleport you 6 squares away.
  • Great for traversing chasms, lakes and lava.
  • You can also use it to teleport behind an enemy, allowing you to hit it in the back or escape.
  • Extremely useful when you are cornered by enemies.
  • You can create this staff at a Forge by combining a Staff of Magic Missile + Life Rune.

Staff of Cold[]

  • Emits large quantities of cold/ice, repeatedly dealing 5 damage to most creatures.
  • Double damage to fire-type enemies like Fire Elementals and Fire Bats. Half damage or no damage to ice enemies.
  • You can some times hit yourself with this staff by walking into the slow moving projectiles. Even that you won't lose much life, be weary if you only have 5 hp or less when using it.
  • Can be used to freeze of water and lava so you can walk over them.
  • In cold levels, frozen water never melts.

Staff of Fireball[]

  • This shoots a fireball, which explodes emitting shrapnel on contact, often hitting twice and stunning the victim.
  • The fireball from a +1 staff isn't that impressive but is solid at taking out both groups and boss enemies because of the area damage/fire and high damage at the center + stun, one cast deals 20+ damage to most enemies.
  • The real power of the staff comes in when you enchant it to +5, but beware. The explosion reaches further than the entire screen and anything caught in the blast will take massive damage.
  • You can kill yourself easily if you hit an arrow or magic projectile from the enemy as it can cause the fireball to explode in your face. Specially true with a +5 staff.
  • Creatures in the center of the blast take 100+ damage making this the highest damaging weapon in the game only beaten by a slaying weapon.
  • As stated above, upgrading means more explosion size and damage.
  • You can create this staff at a Forge by combining a Staff of Magic Missile + Fire Rune.
  • Some levels have cracked walls that can be destroyed with this (or with bomb or shrapnel bow).

Staff of Switching[]

  • Switches each use from a Staff of Lightning to a Staff of Fireball.
  • The lightning shot deals with lines of enemies while the fireball deals with large groups and bosses.
  • If you don't have a fireball staff to enchant with scrolls, enchant this one instead.
  • Made in the Forge by combining a Lightning Staff with a Fire Rune or a Fireball staff with a Magic Rune.

Staff of Disarming[]

  • A rather dangerous staff in the enemies hands but incredibly useful in your hands, as you can make many enemies completely harmless by getting rid of their weapons. Just ensure that you pick the weapons up before the monsters do.
  • Even a Troll or Ogre become very docile without their weapon. (Trolls and other enemies that have spell can still attack, trolls can spray corrosion, though they rarely use it if they don't have a weapon in their hands)
  • Also ensure that you don't stand in the blast yourself because weapons falling into lava or a chasm is a thing and you won't like it.
  • More levels means more blasts shot at the same time.
  • Made in the Forge by combining a Magic Missile Staff with a Metal Rune.

Staff of White Fire[]

  • This shoots a white fireball, which explodes emitting magic missiles instead of shrapnel on contact. It also sets enemies on fire.
  • You can create this staff at a Forge by combining a White Wyrm Spine + Dagger or Throwing Axe.

Staff of Doom[]

  • This staff shoots out ten fireballs one after the other which match the strength of a +3 fireball staff. You can't stop shooting till all the 10 fireballs have been shot so aim away from you or else you can kill yourself.
  • The appearance of this staff should hopefully be put in books lying around so you should know when you are about to find this staff.
  • The best chance of using it safely is to hold the fire button and slowly walk backwards to avoid the blasts.
  • Can only be used once before requiring a recharge and once
  • The main use for this staff is to take out large groups of strong enemies or bosses.
  • Do not use this staff if they are in your face since up close this staff kill you.
  • And since it is used up in one cast I don't recommend taking out plain normal enemies with it.
  • You can make this at the Forge by combining 2 Fireball Staffs.

Staff of Surprises[]

  • Shoots a random staff spell.
  • Dangerous if you accidentally shoot blink into a chasm or lava. Or if you shoot a fireball to an enemy near you (as you will hit yourself).
  • The more enchanted the more powerful the spell, so a 5+ staff will shoot a powerful 5+ Giant Fireball or lightning missile.
  • Can be used to reach blink locations if you are lucky to get the blink spell. Or cross lava if you are lucky to get the cold spell.

Staff of Black Thorns[]

  • This Staff shoots a single missile which stuns, does good damage and fires rapidly.
  • You can Create this staff using the Queen Wasp's Stinger and a Dagger (non-magical, unlike the book says) in a Forge.
  • Excellent for boss killing, just bring some scrolls of recharging with you.
Thanks to pimhazeveld for this great content from this post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/506870/discussions/4/1291816880501613863/