Unexplored Wiki

Scrolls, like Potions, are randomized at the start of every run. Effects can be discovered in several different ways:

  1. Using them.
  2. Using a scroll of Identify on a scroll.
  3. Discovering a Magic Reference book on a shelf which identifies one particular scroll.
  4. Buy a scroll in the shop to identify all scrolls of that type.
  5. Scroll of light can be identified if you try to combine it with a potion of healing water.
  6. Trap rooms that work as traps to lock you inside or lock you by breaking a bridge (your only way out) almost always have descend or teleport scrolls in the room. Tag this type of scroll with F1 and name them "Teleport of Descend" as they are very likely one of those two.
  7. If you find a book with a scroll on the floor, the book usually tells you what the scroll does or hints you about the scroll effect.

The possible scrolls you can find are:[]

  • Light - Permanently increases the light level in a circular area around you to the maximum, ignites all wall torches and fire braziers, stunts and does 20 damage to all unholy creatures (bats, skeletons, vampires, wraiths, flesh golems, imps, phantoms and others) and also send them flying with a strong knock back. The spell also clears all gasses around you, so for example, if a room full of flammable gas and it starting to burn, before the fire reaches you, you can use light scroll to dispel all the gas and thus put out the fire.
  • Identify - Identifies an unidentified item.
  • Recharging - Recharges all magical items that work with magical charges.
  • Protect Gear - Enchants weapons or armor with protection, so they can't be corroded. Hats, capes, whips, rings, amulets and wands can't be corroded so there is no need to protect those. +1 enchanted weapons or armor can't be corroded, so only protect those if you intent to enchant them further with Enchant Scrolls.
  • Teleport - Randomly teleport you to some area on the map. Very rarely you can end behind the shop counter. Or other place where you can't exit. Praying usually brings help from a god that will teleport you again to free you or open a locked door for you.
  • Enchant -

•A Enchant scroll used on a cursed item will work as a remove curse scroll for a single item.

•If used on a non-staff magical item that has charges left, if possible, it will increase his power level (example: From +1 to +2) is the item is fully depleted of magic charges, it will only recharge the item but will not increase the power of the item. So is often best to only use enchant scrolls on magical items that are not depleted.

•With staffs (depleted or not) they always get +1 (to a maximum of +5) and get fully charged, so is best to enchant them after they get depleted. Note that some magical items can't gain +1 so you can only use enchant scrolls to recharge them without making them more powerful (like the Cloak of mending or a weapon of Grimm or a staff of gas)

•Enchanting weapons will make the weapons more powerful and reduce their cool down. Enchanting Armor will increase how much damage it blocks or increase the percentage chance of blocking damage. Enchanting shields increase how much damage they block and reduces their cool down.

  • Magic Mapping - Reveals all the map and even display placed traps.
  • Detect Gold - Displays the gold for the current floor. If you leave the floor the effect is lost.
  • Detect Magic - Permanently display all beneficial or maleficent magic for the current floor and once for your inventory. Any traps on the floor will also be displayed.

•Will also mark negative cursed items with a dark triangle (on the top left corner of the item) and mark negative non-cursed items with a bright triangle (on the top left corner of the item) using remove curse scroll on cursed items can make the items into good (+1) or neutral (like a amulet of silence turning into a plain amulet with no enchantments, so you can forge it with a Sigil) •Trick: If you bring more unidentified items from other floors to the floor where you used the scroll, if you drop them in the floor and then leave to another floor and then come back, all those items will be identified too. So, the floor can be used endlessly to identify "good" and "bad" and items.

  • Descend - Teleports you one floor down. Some times can be used strategically in upper floors to enter lower rooms that are locked or access special floors (like the Minotaur labyrinth or the arbiters grounds) that usually requires a rare key or rare items (like wand of blinking) to enter them, essentially "cheating" your way in.
  • Pain - Summons several unfriendly phantom blades. You can kill them to identify a weapon or get 25 kills on a weapon that you intend to offer it on a Grievous Altar. Dangerous if used inside Myst as it multiply the summoned blades.
  • Alarm - All enemies in the floor will try to get to the location where the scroll was used.
  • Darkness - Put outs all fire sources and permanently decreases the light level to pitch darkness in a circle around you.
  • Remove Curse - Removes curses from all items in your inventory. Several armors or weapons that where -1 will be turned to +1. Some rings or amulets will end up blank (read to be reforged with Sigils) Some weapons will become some what useful under the right circumstances, Wild Fire weapons can be useful if you are immune to fire. And weapons enchanted with corrosion are very good against turrets or mechanical spiders, but only if you wear armor/shield/weapons protected against corrosion (or if you unequipped them before using the corrosion enchanted weapon and equip them again after you are done using the weapon).
  • Last Rites - Use it near "dead" floating skulls, skeletons, litches and vampires so they don't revive again. Useful in permanently killing the Vampire Lord Boss when he is resting in a sarcophagus/container.
  • Scroll of Blessings - Found in Lady Sophie Library and comes identified. If in favor of her, she bless you upon use (reducing all damage by half for the duration of the buff) if not in favor of her, the scroll summons many phantom blades that will attack you.