Unexplored Wiki

This is a series of anonymous notes of tips and hints that sound as advices and usually indicates what the hero may find on the current floor.

  • Oh no, i heard heavy footsteps on this floor. Let's just hide here and stay very, very still. I don't want to run into whatever is making that noise. Whatever it is, it's bigger than me. On that floor (f2) there was a Ogre.
  • ...Finally, some light! What a cute little sprite. I'll just put you in a empty jar. Thanks little guy, now i can see clearly again. I'm such a genius...
  • Hmmm, there is an empty beetle carapace in the corner. I wonder if there are more around.
  • Hey, those hideous statues are very lifelike. They seem to just hang around and gossip, like old men on a bench in the the sun.
  • Those shots came out of nowhere! It must be some kind of automated device shooting at me.