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Creeps are similar to the creatures from the film 'Aliens'. Most have acid for blood that will corrode your weapons.


'These burrowing monstrosities will haunt your dreams forever. You notice they are well armored and armed to the teeth. Their blood burns little holes in your metal weapons. You need to be careful around these horrible monsters. If you want to live to tell the tale, that is.'

Creeps are the most basic and common creep type found in the dungeon of doom. They are fast, tough and often appear in large groups. Their melee hits drain your strength and they corrode your melee weapons when you hit them.

Poison creep[]

Very similar to most creeps but move slower and don't corrode your equipment. They poison you on hit instead of draining and leave behind a poison cloud on death.

Giant creep[]

Giant creeps are very dangerous foes. They have lots of health and protection and corrode the weapons that you hit them with. They have a ranged attack that they occasionally use that shoots a bunch of spikes forwards that damage and drain on hit. This also damages other enemies.

On death they drop a skull that is worth 20 coins.


'These crawling critters seem to be fond of jumping in your face.'

The Visitor Queen[]


'This must be the biggest Creep you ever saw. Killing her will stop this infestation once and for all!'

The Inquisitor[]


'This is one weird, inquisitive Creep. It shoots lightning too!'

The Infector[]


'It kinda looks like a Warden, but the Creeps seem to protect it. You better kill it before it manage to infect more areas with it's poisonous spells. Wait... Did it just deflect an arrow?!'

The Hive Mind[]


'Hm, that's odd. That lone pulsating egg over there doesn't seem to hatch? I think it may be controlling all the other eggs surrounding it!'

'I've found tracks of a burrowing creature and I could smell a faint whiff of acid. It has triggered a deep sense of foreboding. Whatever is creeping around here is NOT nice at all! Let's put it down to divine inspiration, that I figured out I needed to crush that lone, pulsating egg. Apparently it is a Mastermind for all the other eggs and Creeps.'