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Beetles are encountered on the upper levels of the dungeon.

  • All beetles can burrow beneath dirt ground (not tiles, etc.) and emerge to attack when you get close


'Beetles have nice, shiny armor that protects them underground.'

  • 8 HP


Blue Beetle[]

'Beetles have nice, shiny armor that protects them underground. But, wait... this blue one channels magic and starts shooting magical missiles at you!'

  • Fires a magic missile when attacking

Big Beetle[]

'This is one BIG beetle! The bigger the beetle, the more impressive its magical attacks are.'

  • Fires three magic missiles when attacking
  • Will teleport short distances to get behind you

BigBeetle MagicMissileAttack.png

The Green Beetle[]


'Whoa! This is one big beetle! It looks kind of... pregnant? Is that a thing with beetles?'

The Golden Beetle[]


'A huge shiny beetle scuttles your way. His carapace looks like it is actually made out of metal. You wonder if your weapons will be able to pierce its hide. The good part is that his wings will probably be worth a fortune! Let's just chop him up in coin-sized bits, shall we?'