Unexplored Wiki

There are several bat species found in the Dungeon of Doom.


Bats are mostly just a nuisance. However, in swarms they tend to be a bit overwhelming. Bats hate fire and it won't take much to kill them.

  • Can be killed with a single dagger strike
  • Swinging weapons work well against swarms of bats, especially those created by traps
  • Bats are scared of torches and will flee in the opposite direction
  • Scrolls of Light instantly destroy them in droves; very useful tool against them in dim/dark depths

Vampire Bat[]

Vampire bats are dangerous and love to suck your blood.

  • Basically a bigger version of a bat with more health
  • If they successfully hit you, they will heal themselves
  • Vampire bats are scared of torches and will flee in the opposite direction

Fire Bat[]

Fire bats have a very fiery temperament: they always seem torn between biting and burning you.

  • These explode when killed so best tackled at range or a rapid retreat
  • Immune to fire

Chill Wind Bat[]

These big, bluish bats seem ignorant to the cold. Worse, their might wings seem to produce a chilling wind.

  • After being stuck, these bats will fire a short-ranged ice attack that explodes in a small radius
  • Immune to cold
  • Weak to fire-based equipment

The Monstrous Bat[]


This is one BIG bat! Oh no, now he is summoning his friends...Be careful around these beasties. They may catch you unawares spitting acid your way!

  • Corrosion Breath: When reaching approximately 50% health, the Monstrous Bat will spray towards the player a yellow breath that corrodes the player's equipped items
  • Summon: The Monstrous Bat summons swarms of bats against the player