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There are several ant species found in the Dungeon of Doom.

Giant Ant[]

Giant ants are huge and scary. The ants are always busy and scribbling everywhere. They can't see very well, instead using their antennae for smelling and feeling their way. And beware, fire won't hurt them much.

Fire Ant[]

Fire ants are similar to giant ants. Except they seem more violent and produce the occasional burst of flames. It's anyone's guess what fuels the flames and keeps these babies walking around. So far, keeping your distance seems to be the clever thing to do.

The Ant Queen[]


The huge queen lays eggs that spawn new ants all over this dungeon.

  • Carapace of the Ant Queen: The Ant Queen is immune to fire. Upon being defeated, you can pick this up and combine it with Leather Armor at a Forge to create the Fire Ant Armor